Tips to Save Money on Your Commute

If you live in a city then traffic can be a royal pain. Not only is the pressure to get somewhere on time extremely stressful, but you can also end up spending a large chunk of your paycheck on commute expenses. The good news is there are plenty of ways to save money on your daily commute.


Carpooling is extremely easy to do and can save you a ton in gas money. Whether you carpool with fellow co-workers, friends, or strangers, it is definitely worth considering if you feel the pinch of high gas prices. If you are unable to find any friends or co-workers who want to commute then you can go online in order to find plenty of willing people to carpool with. Carpooling can save you more than $2,000 a year in gas money if done properly.


This is an alternative to carpooling that is often set up by co-workers, an employer or a building. Vanpooling typically involves between twelve and eighteen people who all pool their funds together in order to cover gas and rent a van. It often works by meeting at a certain location, picking people up and then driving to work. Some groups may decide to rotate driving throughout the group and others may decide to have a designated driver. This option is great if you have a long drive to work, and often times an employer will subsidize the expense. You can save even more money on gas than carpooling by creating a vanpool or joining an already existing one.


You can get many discounts and passes that will save you money on transit costs, and so this can be a very economical commute option. For instance, MARTA is one such place that you can go to in order to find great discounts on transit. These passes typically range between $9 for an all day pass to $100 for a thirty-day pass. You can also get a discount if you are a senior, student or a corporate partner. Although taking transit may not be as convenient as driving, if you want to save money then it is a viable option, especially in this day and age when there are plenty of park n rides that allow you to park your car and commute by bus or train.

Bicycle or Walk

This is not a very popular commuting option, as it requires that you are a close enough to your employment in order to bike or walk every day. However, this can be a great way to get your daily exercise in while getting to work in the cheapest way possible. In fact, this type of transportation is absolutely free save for the maintenance costs on your bike every once in a while. If you are too far away to walk or bike all the way to work then consider combining it with another way of commuting such as taking the transit.

Flextime/Compressed Weeks/ Telework

In order to save money on commuting you could work from your house, work 40 hours in 4 days or work off hours. These options significantly reduce the money and time you spend commuting to and from work and are becoming much more acceptable in the work place, and so it doesn’t hurt to ask your boss.