How to Throw a Kids Party on a Budget

The good thing about kids is that they are very easily entertained and it doesn’t have to be with high-dollar items. You can shop at a dollar store for party favors and small toys for younger kids to play with and they’ll be perfectly happy. A few tips below will help you to throw a spectacular party on a tight budget.

Make the Cake Yourself

Rather than spending three or four times as much as you need to at a bakery, make the cake yourself. Party stores do carry edible photo transfers for themed events. These are easy to use and make it look like the cake came from an expensive bakery. Purchase a cake stand to make it look professionally baked.

Consider making cupcakes instead. One cupcake per expected guest, with a few extras for unexpected guests and spills is ideal. Cupcakes are trending and are fun when the icing is colorful and they have fun plastic picks in them for the kids. Also consider having a small selection of toppings for kids to add their own customizations to the cupcakes. This goes over very well at parties.

Make the Party Pot Luck Style

Pot luck style parties are also popular. If each adult guest brings a dish to pass and you make one main dish, such as pasta or hot dogs, even sliders, this helps the budget tremendously. All of the dishes should be kid-friendly including vegetable trays, fruit bowls and cooked dishes like macaroni and cheese.

Consider creating a menu and sharing it via social media private group message or email and ask that guests sign their name by a dish to bring. This makes the organization portion of party planning much easier. Make sure that you are putting your name on a few items. The menu should include space at the bottom for food allergies to be listed for all guests so that everyone can enjoy each dish brought to the party.

Make the Decorations Yourself

Creating decorations using printed photos, stencils and some craft paper is a big budget helper. You can also shop the local dollar stores for $1 items that will make the house look quite festive for the occasion. Crafting tutorials online can teach you how to make hanging paper balls, multi-dimensional streamers and even stuffed balloons. It takes a little creativity and work on your part but you will take more pride in the finished product seeing how excited the birthday boy or girl is.

Create the Invitations at Home

All you will need for this project is plenty of ink in the home printer and cardstock that can be purchased from local big box stores. Invitation templates for all occasions and in any theme are available online. You can even type everything out right in the template and it will print onto the invitation saving you from having to hand write anything. Use themed stickers to decorate the envelopes with and make sure that you print enough off. It is always best to print a few extra in case someone is forgotten, and of course, one needs to be saved for a family scrapbook.

Kids don’t need to have elaborate parties with bounce houses, magicians, gaming trailers and all of the fancy stuff. They are just as happy running around with noise makers, eating good food and listening to their favorite music. Plan a couple of activities that are low budget and offer a fun little prize to the winner. Everyone will have a great time and no one has to know how little it cost to throw such a great party!